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Seo Guarantee, by BC Seo Canada

Seo guarantee, call us to find out details on our seo guarantee

SEO Guarantee


SEO guarantee's are hard to come by in the SEO industry, and many of the search engine optimization guarantee's given by seo firms are worthless, often for keywords that are obscure, or you would have achieved naturally.


Our SEO Guarantee

BCSEO have invested years of research and testing, to understand which ethical optimization techniques work best in different situations, and how they are best applied. We have had tremendous success in all previous projects, and guarantee we will dedicate our full knowledge and resources to optimize and make your site as search engine friendly as possible, using the most reliable and ethical methods.

If your site does not achieve marked improvement, within 6 months of our work going live, under our seo guarantee, we will continue to optimize and tweak your pages for the next 6 months free of charge.

No Search engine optimization firm can offer a guarantee of any exact position in a search engines organic results.

We have no actual control over search engines, we use our previous experience and knowledge of what search engines like and don't like, in an attempt to satisfy their preferences and make the site as search engine friendly as possible, while striving to tune it to be the most relevant page in the search engines index, for its keywords

What does Google have to say about seo companies that offer guarantees?


Seo Guarantee Requirement

In order to be eligible for our search engine optimization guarantee, you must follow our recommendations as to:

  • Required number and type of pages, to support each keyword

  • Page format and content we suggest

  • All recommendations, we deem to be key to your sites success.

  • SEO Guarantee doesn't apply to DIY Optimization, but we will work with you to attain the best possible results within your budget.


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