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Affordable Seo pricing, contact BC Seo for details

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO, in short: is an understanding of what search engines like, and what they don't like, in a web page or site. By fully understanding search engine optimization, our SEO consultants can design a Search Engine Optimization Strategy, for your small business web site, that will not only display well in search engine results or SERPs, but also open the door to more web traffic. 
Without a good search engine optimization strategy, your small business web site is likely to get very little web traffic, (if any) from major search engines.

Why miss all this potential web traffic, new customers and sales, for your small business?


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BC SEO Quote


Search engine optimization is critical to obtaining significant volumes of web traffic, and worth the investment if you want to make money from your site.


Contact BCSEO
for a pricing quote, on an ongoing optimization campaign, for your small business.


Search Engine Optimization FAQ


Affordable organic Seo BC Canada Affordable SEO
Ethical Seo (Search engine optimization) BC Canada Ethical Search Engine Optimization
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Organic Seo BC Canada Organic Search Engine Optimization
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SEO Pricing

DIY Seo Pricing | Seo Site Development Pricing

Search Engine Optimization Pricing Policy,

Seo pricing is estimated on a per page basis:
The objective of organic seo is to: Optimize on page factors to meet search engines preferences and attempt to make your page the most relevant page for its targeted keywords in the search engine index.

There are many other facets to SEO, therefore pricing can vary dependant upon other factors such as site design, and market competition. Your site may also require an ongoing optimization campaign to support your search engine positions and increase traffic.

The pricing below is an estimate and may vary from project to project.
We can customize a Seo strategy to meet most small business budgets.


Do It Yourself Seo Pricing

If you design and publish your own web site, are comfortable with editing your html code, this is the perfect service for you. We create a search engine optimized mockup of your site or page for you to copy, to properly optimize your page into good search engine positions.

Research & Optimize Home Page $599 *
(Subject to Conditions)

Sub-pages $400 each *
(Conditions apply)

Edit Your Own Site
We provide a mockup of your site for you to use as a template

Pricing Includes

  • Consultation
    1 hour per page with suggestions as to page content design and general optimization.
  • Researched Keyword Phrases & Report
    Keyword research is critical to quality seo results and a great research tool. Research allows us to take the pulse of internet searchers, and discover which phrases are being used to locate products and services similar to yours. We then focus on the highest searched phrases, maximizing traffic.
  • Rewrite of Rough Copy
    For max organic SEO effect we rewrite your copy.
  • Optimized, Meta Tags
    Customized, search engine friendly meta tags, including title, description, keyword, and robot tags
  • Publish Your Site
    You upload and maintain your own site.
  • Search Engines & Directory Listings
    We provide a list of search engines, and directories for you to manual submit your site to. As well as basic instructions and information required when submitting to search engine's & directories
  • Promote & Monetize
    List of ways to generate interest, web traffic and income from your site.
  • Search Engine Results
    List of tips and methods to promote your site and improve your search engine positions.
  • Analysis of Final Web
    Once published, and suggestions for improvement.

This service does not include the actual modification of your web pages, you will require basic html editing skills.  

Seo Site Development Pricing

We edit & develop your new, or existing site to be search engine friendly

Home Page $999 Cdn. *
(Subject to Conditions)

Sub-pages $600 each *
(Conditions apply)

Seo Maintenance $75.00 - $3000 plus per month*

Optimizing your own web page to the top of search engine's, takes a lot of time, experience and knowledge.
Doing it yourself, even if you have strong knowledgeable of web design, html editing, and SEO can take time and patience.
Let us take this critical mission off your hands, and give you the best chance of excellent search results.

We Optimize Your Website
Pricing includes

  • Consultation
    Suggestions as to page content design and general search engine optimization.
  • Keyword Research & Report
    Critical to quality optimization and a great research tool
    We research all the most important words relating to your business & provide a list of the most appropriate keywords to use in your rough draft, which we later edit and tune.
  • Competition Analysis
  • Creation of Optimized Site Structure
    Navigation and site architecture are important aspects of strong organic SEO.
  • Optimized, Meta Tags
    Search engine friendly html and meta tags, to maximize search results
  • Publish Your Site
    We publish your site
  • Manual Submission
    To all major search engine's and at least 10 major directories
    Beware of SEO's who submit to hundreds of "Search Engines"
  • Web Promotion Assistance
    Assistance in generating web traffic, interest, & income from your site.
  • Tips and Tricks
    Help with marketing and promoting your site and improve your Search engine positions
  • Re-analysis of Published Web
    A final quality control check making minor edits and final report.
  • Follow up
    We monitor and maintain your sites content to ensure your hard won positions are maintained

 *  Prices estimated above may vary, depending on your project

Call our seo experts today, give us 15 minutes of your time, and we will show you how we can help, put your business on main street USA & Canada.

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