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Ethical SEO Statement


"Ethical Search Engine Optimization Canada"

Our Canadian Ethical Seo Firm, conform to: Google guidelines for Ethical Seo.

Ethical search engine optimization, aka White Hat, means, we will never knowingly engage in any practice that is known to be un-ethical (Black Hat), or meant to deceive search engines, site visitors, or our customers.
Any: page, site or web traffic we develop will be done in accordance with the guideline above.

Beware of black hat firms, who use deception to fool search engines, visitors, and maybe even you.
Use of black hat techniques can result in your site being penalized, de-listed or banned outright from search engines index.

Black Hat Risks
Black hat techniques were blamed for automaker BMW.de site being banned from Google, due to “doorway pages”, designed  for search engine bots or spiders, visitors were redirected to a different page.
This is clear violation, of the sprit of Google's guidelines and BMW suffered the consequences.

We will refund 100% of your money paid for any page found to be in clear violation of guidelines in place at the time the page, or site was developed. (Limited to the total amount of our invoice)

This is a voluntary guarantee, and demonstrates our commitment to honesty, Ethical Search Engine Optimization Standards and protection of your valued domain name.

Ethical not only applies to our search engine optimization techniques,
but our business practice's as well


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