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SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is the study of Search Engine Behavior, Preferences and Search Results.

By Understanding what Search Engines like and dislike, we can ensure that your web site is Search Engine Friendly and offers a greater chance of improved organic search engine placement.


Organic SEO.

BCseo.com specialize in sites that use Organic SEO.

Without a website that is search friendly, your wasting Time and Money. 

SEO is critical to obtaining significant volumes of web traffic, and worth the investment if you want to make money from your Web site or online business.

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Search Engine Optimization FAQ

Affordable organic Seo BC Canada Affordable SEO
Ethical Seo (Search engine optimization) BC Canada Ethical Search Engine Optimization
Black hat seo vs white hat seo Ethical SEO Vs Black Hat
White hat seo BC Canada White Hat Seo
Organic Seo BC Canada Organic Search Engine Optimization
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SEO Site Evaluation & Analysis

In-depth Seo Evaluation - (Paid service)

In-depth Seo evaluation of your web site

In-depth evaluation covers, meta tags, content relevance, keyword density, as well as: search friendliness, broken links, navigation, anchor tags, scripts, link popularity, page rank.

This in depth evaluation, identifies problems that may make your site less friendly to search engines, and makes site wide recommendations, as well as page by page suggestions on improving your site's on page, and off page factors.


Unlike many seo evaluations offered, our reports are not "Canned Answers" generated by seo software.
Each analysis takes your business and goals into consideration, and is conducted by an seo expert with years of experience and success in organic optimization.

In-depth evaluations come with a complete report and are charged based on the number and complexity of pages. Evaluations start at $1500.00


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